3 June 2021

Class of ’80:

Our Class Officers (Janie, Joe, Barb, Stefanie, and me) conducted an initial Council meeting, virtually, on June 3, 2021. We had a very simple agenda (see below) that led to a rich discussion about our commitment to serve the entire class. We did not discuss any old or new items. Key action items/takeaways from the meeting include the following:

1. We formally approved Bill Personius role as the Class Webmaster. Bill has been performing the duties of Webmaster and we want to provide the recognition he has earned!

2. We seek to energize and utilize our Company Representatives. We plan to conduct a virtual meeting with Company Reps before the end of July to get some guidance and feedback on Class business.

3. Our November Reunion is a “go.” Barb Geraghty is doing much of the heavy-lifting and I agreed to relieve Tim Kobosko as Chairman. We will have a reunion meeting later this month with those who are leading various lines of effort (registration, costs, gear, events, etc.). We will provide information about these items shortly after that meeting and will host another Class-wide Zoom call after we have met with Company Reps

4. We are energized and focused on better understanding the Class “demand signal.” We will rely on the Company Reps to help us chart a course for the Reunion and the years beyond!

5. Finally, you may be aware that our new By-Laws allow us to appoint four officers to fill a Council of nine people. We agreed to move forward with that process once we have a better idea of the kinds of skills and experiences that would be beneficial to the Class. We will ultimately make those criteria known and invite people to express interest in serving on the Class Council. Filling these positions is not, in our opinion, as time sensitive as addressing reunion matters and engaging with Company Reps.

Standing by for questions!
Tony Verducci
’80 Class President

3 June Agenda
Treasurer’s Report
Filling Appointed Officer Positions

      1. Reunion
      2. Old Business
      3. New Business