1980 Class Election Results


Tony Verducci


Joe Grace

Outreach and Representation Officer

Stefanie Goebel

Dear Class of 80,

Bruce Grooms here from the Nomination Committee.  It is my great honor to report the final results of our recent election:

Congratulations to:

Tony Verducci – Class President

Joe Grace – Class Secretary

Stefanie Goebel – Class Outreach & Representation Officer

Thanks are in order to all of the other classmates who were willing to put their hats in the ring to support our class.  In particular, Dale Lumme and Andy Otano for their willingness to run for Class President.   We are all in your debt and hope you will stay deeply engaged with all of our class activities and decision making.

This rounds out the selection of the slate of class officers who, I am proud to say, will elevate us to the highest levels possible:

President – Tony Verducci

Vice President – Janie Mines

Secretary – Joe Grace

Treasurer – Barb Geraghty

Outreach & Representation Officer – Stefanie Goebel

The next major milestone for the class will be the induction of our class officers on 28 May.  More information to follow.

Finally, to our outgoing President, Tim Kobosko, we cannot thank you enough for your tireless  dedication and support to our class for so many years.  Although we don’t say it often enough we hope you recognize how important you have been to our class and we look forward to you continuing to share your support and insights as you are willing.  Thanks again, Classmate!!

Thanks again to all for your wonderful support of our class, including all of the Company Reps who do a great job of keeping us informed of company activity and for sharing info with Joe for the Shipmate magazine. Special thanks also to my colleagues on the Nominating Committee, Bill, Sharon, Stefanie, and A.B.  We would never have been able to pull this off had it not been for the superb teamwork from each of you.

Warmest regards,